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Turn Your Apartment Into a Happy Home With These 5 Mood-Boosting Design Tips

May 25, 2016 4:00 pm

Your home should be a place for inspiration and relaxation, not just a place to store your belongings. Improve your rental's overall mood with these design tips that are sure to bring the "happy" back into your happy home.

  • Improve the lighting. It's no secret that natural sunlight improves your mood, so you want to maximize the amount of it that flows through your home. Switch out heavy draperies or blackout curtains with light, sheer curtains or bamboo blinds, and even replace fluorescent lightbulbs with modern bulbs that mimic the look of sunlight.
  • Create a place for everything. Target the areas in your home that collect clutter, such as the area around the front door or the always-overflowing recycling bin. Think of smart solutions for the storage in these areas to create a better flow throughout the home.
  • Add some plants and flowers. Studies show that adding some green to your home makes you happy, so fill small pots with leafy green plants, stylish succulents, or blooming flowers.
  • Redecorate in soft colors. If you're having trouble relaxing in your bedroom or feeling inspired in your home office, try switching up the color palette. Adding stark white bedding or soft colored throw pillows will create a calming effect in these frequently used areas.

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Sushi Is an Artform at Kirala Japanese Restaurant

May 18, 2016 4:00 pm

Kirala Japanese Restaurant is a beautifully decorated Berkeley restaurant serving up delicious robata and fresh sushi dishes. Bright light pouring from the oversized windows accents the sleek wooden seating areas and the bar with plush red high top chairs.

Not to be outdone by the decor, every dish is immaculately and artfully presented. You can order chicken, beef, pork, seafood, and vegetables from the robata grill. Favorites include the ground chicken with shiso leaves, fried squid with a cream sauce and tobiko, and the Japanese eggplant with bonito fish. The sushi selection is wide ranging, including options like eel, sea urchin, and fried bean curd that you might not find at other restaurants serving sushi. Dinner entrees include seafood and meat plates and assortments of sushi and sashimi. Be sure to check out the sake menu for the full Kirala experience.

Kirala Japanese Restaurant
2100 Ward Street
Berkeley, CA 94705
(510) 549-3486

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Host Your Own At-Home Wine Tasting With These Pro Tips

May 11, 2016 4:00 pm

Having a wine tasting in the comfort of your home is an inexpensive and simple way to find new wines you might love. Invite a few friends over, gather a group of bottles, a cork screw, and maybe some food to pair with the wine, and you’ll be good to go. Follow these simple tips to help host your next get together!

  • Gather a white tablecloth, big wine glasses, spittoons, crackers, and some coffee grounds to use as an odor neutralizer between wines.
  • Prepare your wines to their ideal temperatures. Serve white wines at around 50 degrees and red wines at around 60 degrees. Open the bottles at least 30 minutes before you plan on serving.
  • If you’re planning on serving a variety of different wines, be sure to start with the least refined and work your way to the most refined. You should always start with the lightest wine first.
  • Pour the glasses an inch below the equator, or the widest part of the glass.
  • Don’t rinse the glasses between servings, as water can dilute the wine.
  • After tasting all of the wines, discuss with your guests the aromas and tasting notes of them all and your likes and dislikes.
  • After listening to everyone’s thoughts, re-taste the wines to see whether they have changed with aeration.

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